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Optical wall object

Early optical object, ‘Instabilit√©’, 90 x 90 x 35 cm, signed on the back, made around 1962.

Exhibited at the Venice Biennale.

Blue monochrome

We are looking for works by Yves Klein, especially monochrome works.

In case you want so sell a work, please be so kind to contact us.

Abstract RVS sculpture

Abstract RVS sculpture, 20 x 20 x 11,5 cm, 1994.

Perspex and stainless steel object

Perspex and stainless steel object, 40 x 40 cm, 1970, Carel Balth, signed and dated ‘C. Balth, 5/15, 1970’ upper right



Geometric works

For some relations we are looking for works by Marlow Moss.

In case you want to sell a work by this artist, please be so kind to contact us.


Kettes, abstract 3D wooden sculpture, signed Vasarely lower right, 54,5 x 31 x 5 cm.

Note: The sculpture has no editionnumbers.