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How it started

In the early eighties I became interested in art and started collecting. Starting with one piece a year it evolved in buying more works a year. Since then I have built a large collection of national and international art. From young artists to work of famous ones. Ranging from objects to paintings and from old to new.

After some decades I focused on the important after war art movements, such as Zero, arte povera, kinetic, optical art. To stay well informed and inspired myself, I travel the world to visit artfairs, auctions, musea and meet collectors, dealers, gallerists, etc.

What has been the result?

Collecting art has brought me a lot. First of all: That art has value in more than one way. Next to that I developed a broad and profound knowledge of a diversity of art movements and artists, have access to a large network of other collectors, dealers and professionals and an up to date view on trends and (value-) developments in the art markets. Most of all I have learned over these 30 years that confidence is the most important factor to be able to act in these markets.

What does this mean?

The unique combination of knowledge, experience and passion is available to you.


  • have access to a large amount of collectors, dealers and intermediates,
  • can mediate your collection, parts or pieces to the best marketplace,
  • help you to find the work(s) that you are looking for,
  • can valuate and give you an impression of the value development of your work(s) or collection and
  • deliver lectures in the value of collecting art.

Looking forward to assist or inspire you,

Ron Koster

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